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The first full-length JRPG from Dunamis Games

Forge your own unique team of characters and dive into a journey to redeem yourselves - and the entire world - from an evil within...

Google Play Link to Eternal Concord

on the eve of year 983 of the four kingdoms reign...

the northeast kingdom of Grigal declared war upon the northwest kingdom of Majistral. Devoted to their kingdom, the citizens of both sides raised arms to fight. While many theories about the war surfaced, the official statement from king Judas of Grigal was that Majistral had squandered their resources, encroached upon Grigal's lands, and threatened their very way of being.

In the year 997, after 14 years, the war ended with Grigal's victory over the people of Majistral. While Grigal's citizens suffered losses, Majistral's people and villages were nearly burned to the ground. Admitting defeat, Majistral began rebuilding their infrastructure, while Grigal hoped and strived to return to their lives before the war.

Finally they would have a new era of peace, or so they thought...



  • A main story with over 10 hours of content

  • Every game is different! Choose your team from 8 different character classes, from the Blacksmith to the Wizard

  • Over 130 enemies spread across various locations, from dry deserts and barren mountains to lush forests and deep caves

  • Travel by land, sea, or air to dozens of towns and dungeons spread across the vast world of Concordia

  • When you're done with the main story, discover side quests and dungeons to continue your adventure!

  • Fight the world's most difficult bosses in the Monster Arena

  • Unlock all Achievements, with Google Play support

  • No IAPs! Pay once and play the full game



Google Play Link to Eternal Concord
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